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How to BE THE BEST You!


Recap from Part 1.

  • Avoiding food is not a solution.

  • Eat! and eat healthy foods.

  • Eat regularly.

  • Eat smaller portions.

  • Eat foods that are whole-foods.

  • Avoid foods that your body struggles to digesst.

  • Choose organic foods over commercially grown.

  • Reduce commercially farmed produce (contains chemicals that destroy gut health).

  • A body under stress is a body that craves comfort foods (poor food choices); stress shuts off digestive powers.


You can beat the bloat with a few easy menu and lifestyle tweaks!


That spongy-pouty midsection is likely to be caused by one or more of these 6 causes


1. Women find they get bloated before and during their period.                                                              
During ovulation, the ovaries produce more progesterone which causes muscles in the abdomen to relax, causing a woman to look bloated. The muscles in the bowel also relax and it is less efficient at this time to move food waste out of the body. This is the cause of that constipated feeling and adds to the distention of the belly. The bloating is temporary and can be controlled through eating foods that maintain hormone balance and balance fluid retention.

2. A lack of 'friendly' bacteria in the gut.                                                                               
Friendly bacteria is
necessary to promote the digestive process, keep the gut cells healthy and reduce sensitivity to foods. Friendly bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, radiation, food poisoning, the chemicals in commercially grown produce (insecticides, fertilisers, artificial growth hormones, additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours), over eating,
birth control pills, steroidal/hormonal/recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeine, tap water (when unfiltered), chlorine (in tap water and swimming pools), carbonated drinks, ascorbic acid found in supplements, bottled tea drinks, bottled juices, and from stress.

3. Poorly digested carbs/sugars due to choosing a processed or undigestible carbohydrate, the liver converting it to fat, the gut having an inflamed response.                                                                       
Examples are:
lactose is a milk sugar in animal milk that is difficult for humans to digest (were not baby cows), fructose is the sugar in fruit that can overload the liver when too much is consumed and especially when the fruit is lower in glucose, sugar in alcohol is highly concentrated and overloads the liver, dietary fibers are not a whole food and are usually converted into sugar, 'resistant' starches such as legumes that need to be soaked to sprout to cease the activity of an enzyme that our body cannot otherwise breakdown, gluten in grains are impossible to digest and cause an allergic reaction.    

4. Difficult to digest polyunsaturated fats causing an inflamed response and liver damage.
Vegetable oils and margarine's are highly processed, have no nutritional value, and are a very new addition to mans diet. Our bodies treat these oils as undesirable and toxic.
Vegetable oils are fats that have been extracted from various genetically modified seeds grown in toxic soils. Commonly they are rapeseed aka canola oil, soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower, peanut. Unlike coconut oil or olive oil that can be extracted whole by gently pressing and retaining the nutrients, these oils have to be extracted like this: heated at high temperatures that destroys all the nutrients, sprayed with petroleum to make the fat in the seed easy to extract, acid applied to remove the wax in the oil, add some chemicals to make the colour more appealing (a golden colour), then deodorise the oil because it smells horribly like a machine.
5.Eating fast and Overeating.
These create the same outcome. Eating fast means you are missing the 'fullness' signal and you are overeating. Overeating means you are stretching your stomach to cram in food. Overeating increases digestive juices plus slows down the digestion, all of which cause that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

6. Overload of noxious chemicals in the body.
Constantly ingesting chemicals in our commercially farmed foods, inhaling airborne chemicals and irritants stresses the body and causes the immune system and liver to work hard at detoxifying. With the constant exposure, the body can not keep up. Some chemicals are not readily removed and require specific natural-whole-nutrients to aid removal. Hard to remove chemicals are stored in fat by the body as a means to keep the noxious chemicals away from your vital organs that keep you alive! Even though the chemicals are housed in fat, they are accumulating and will eventually reach dangerous levels. Refrain from using too many of the commercially produced products.
A FEW EXAMPLES: air fresheners, latex gloves, personal
hygiene products, makeup, hair dyes, synthetic fabric, cleaning products, glues, paint, pesticides, herbicides, car fumes, tap water, new cars interiors.
SAY IT AGAIN to Sum it Up:
The gut is sensitive to factors such as stress, hormones, bacteria and diet,  causing inflammation of the gut and the production of fat.

Keep a food diary!

This will enable you to identify the foods that make you bloated.


With just a few easy menu and lifestyle tweaks...
You can get your digestion back in balance, your bowels moving, and beat the bloat !

Probiotic supplement
taken daily, the “good" bacteria facilitates efficient digestion and prevention of belly bloat.

Digestive enzyme supplement

taken before meals, improves digestion and supports gut health.

is a superfood and is anti-inflammatory

Peppermint (fresh mint tea)
activates an "anti-pain" channel in the gut that soothes inflammation, also relaxes the digestive tract and calms intestinal muscle contractions.

a natural diuretic that can release pressure, if you’re bloated from having menses/fluid retention.


eat raw and ripe when in season.
the fruit is mildly laxative, helps empty the bowels.
improves digestion and gut health.


eat raw and ripe when in season.
facilitates fat loss and improves digestion.

eat raw and ripe when in season.
balances fluid retention and cleanses the body.

make a celery, pineapple, lemon juice!

Tamarind pod
a superfood that supports digestion.

stimulates the release of feel good hormones and minimises cravings.
allows the liver to utilise sugar and carbs for energy, and not stored as fat.
allows the body to release stored fat and supports the removal of noxious chemicals.
used as a spice..it is sour and tangy..mixes well with rice.

Protein (Organic Free Range)
with every meal will balance hormones, level of blood sugar, control appetite,
maintain muscle mass which uses 30-50 % of stored fat.



Greatly reduce the ingestion of noxious chemicals.

eat not long after waking up and eat a balanced brekky so your not left craving a pick-me-up choice!

if you're hungry, snack on healthy foods.


Here are examples of non-exercisey exercises:

  • Dance classes

  • Big walks in nature

  • Indoor rock climbing

  • Gymnastic class

  • Paddle boarding

  • Reformer pilates

  • Pole dancing

  • Martial art

  • Bike ride

  • Surfing

  • Yoga

CAUTION-Side-Affects 2


Recipes to Beat the Bloat!

PART 2: Meal Plan for the day of an audition of job!
A Presentation for Modelling Academies
by ArtOfExpression TM




no matter what time your audition or job is!

This is when our bodies need fuel the most!
This is what will power you through the day!
...keeps you upbeat and bright!
Your body will use up this food quickly at this time of day.
You will not feel bloated as long as you make a Healthy Choice!

Start by Hydrating Your Cells!
Skin will looks fresher and smoother.
Your body will have more flexibility.
You will have more energy.


~Black Herbal Tea (no sugar).       ~Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice with Filtered-Water.

~Coconut Water.

Eat a Balanced Meal!
consistaing of a quality protein, a good fat,
a whole-grain, and a dark vegetable.

EXAMPLES: (Refere to Recipes  in Part 3)

~Quinoa Porridge w/ Almonds, Flaxseed, Hemp Protein Meal.


~ 3 Egg Green Omelette.

~Chicken Breast (the size of your fist) w/ Greens, Millet and Avocado.
Rehydrating Your Cells!
as you did at Brekky


Have a small snack!
Your body must have a top up of fuel for Energy!

~Goji berries and Almonds.
(avoid mixed fruit n nut mixes they make you bloat!)

~Rice cracker w/  peanut butter or tahini (sesame paste).
(if audition or job after dinner)

Rehydrate your cells!
as you did at Morning Tea.

~Spirulina Supplement.
..also curbs hunger by providing complete nutrition.
Spirulina will provide your body with a boost of quality nutrition.
High in Protein and Minerals. This will satisfy your hunger,
without needing to eat a larger meal. Will not bloat you!

MEAL: Simply have a Good Fibre and a Good Fat!
~Small bowl of lightly steamed vegetables w flaxseed oil.
Fiber helps to empty the bowels and that will flatten your belly!
Good fats will help you to feel fuller and for longer.
Good fats also make skin and hair look gorgeous.
Good fats balance hormones, and reduces stress!

NEVER Completely cut out (the Good) Fats


1. Rehydrate your cells!
2. Eat a Balanced Meal:
Quality Protein, Wholegrain Carbs, lots of Vegetables and a Good Fat!

There it is...
SIMPLE isn't it!

Not Sure about something...??
drop me a comment and i will be more than happy to help you!

...PART 3 of 'Presentation
created for Model
is up next!...The RECIPES!


ADVICE FOR MODELS The Secret to Not Getting Bloated!

PART 1 'Presentation created for Modelling Academies'
A very important topic you need to know in the Modelling Industry!


Many young models starting out, tend to avoid eating
because they're so worried about looking bloated,
but end up dizzy, vague, lacking energy and lacking personality.
Which no one wants!

I want to share with you a piece of Nutrition Advice that will be relevant to everyone,
not just those of you who work as a Model.

on the day of your audition or job, that won't leave you feeling bloated and razzled,
but instead leave you feeling energised and ready to perform!

Desire to Eat v's Slender

There is no denying that in the world of modeling
that there is a need to remain slender in order to get the good jobs.
There is no denying that in the world there's a dominant desire
to stay slender to feel good about  oneself.

you do not need to Wage a War on foods to stay slender!

WE ALL must eat regularly to fuel our body!
to give it the energy you need throughout the day,
you must eat to allow our body to stay healthy,
to maintain your emotional and mental wellbeing,
and to maintain your ideal weight.

You will not maintain a slender body by avoiding food!
...it is very dangerous, It sets you up for failure!

...it becomes really hard to loose weight!
You do not want to create an eating disorder!

The " I must loose weight, I MUST Loose weight,
i'm not slender enough" is very stressful on you!
You will learn that it is practically impossible to
fulfil these words!
BECAUSE, A Body under stress, is a body that craves comfort foods!

Your body needs to be fuelled throughout the day.
Your body naturally strives for balance in your wellbeing and in your weight.

Your body wants to convert foods into physical energy and muscle tone...not fat!
This is WHY it is important to EAT and EAT HEALTHY CHOICES.

if you eat regular smaller whole-food meals;

food choices and meal sizes in relation to the days activities,
your body will remain slender, healthy, and

your moods and thinking will be stable.


you need the energy to get through auditions and jobs,

these can be stressful and use up loads of your energy.
You need to feel enthused, in the moment, switched on, tapped in, tuned in,
be fabulous and amazing You!

Eat foods that are not a whole food, not as nature intended...GET FAT!
Here is the Secret to Not Getting Fat...
the body makes fat to store 'Toxins' away from your vital organs
(such as your brain and heart, so they wont be damaged by these toxins).
Where are these 'Toxins'? They are in Commercially grown and processed foods
and in JUNK FOOD!

and in foods that your body struggles to digest!
Soooooo, AVOID JUNK as much as you can!
, Know when to treat

WHAT TO EAT on the Day of Your Audition or Job!
A Meal Plan.


As a 'Man' Thinketh...SO YOU ARE
feeling dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
is just a habit

Looking at a Quote from a Book ...

AS A MAN THINKETH By james Allen

"Man is made or unmade by himself in the armoury of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy, strength and peace.

By the right choice and true application of thought man ascends to divine perfection
by the abuse and wrong application of thought he decends below the level of the beast.

Between these two are all the grades of characture and man is their maker and master
of all the of the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul, none is more gladdening or fruitful of divine promise and confidance than this;
that man is the master of thought, the moulder of character and the shaper of condition and environment and destiny.

As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he may make himself what he wills.

Man is always the master, even in his weaker and most abandoned state; but in his weakness and degradation he is the foolish master who misgoverns his "household.

When he begins to reflect upon his condition, and to search diligently for the Law upon which his being is established, he then becomes the wise master, directing his energies with intelligence, and fashioning his thoughts to fruitful issues.

Such is the conscious master, and man can only thus become by discovering within himself the laws of thought; which discovery is totally a matter of application, self analysis, and experience."

can hold us back or propell us into action
affecting the way our life turns out

The things that we think
regularly create Habits

    Good  and  Bad

Often, we feel life is out of our control  - - - arrr fr*k
we feel dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
we tend to think, if only lthings went the way i want them to - a bit more,then i wouldnt be feeling 'this' way!

That is a backwards way to think...

we are conditioned into feelings
feeling dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
are the product of our consistant thoughts and actions

We are the creator
we create the feelings
that seem to suddenly grip us
our thoughts building until we land in an emotional pit

we struggle with our feelings
as though they shouldnnt belong to us
But it is our very own thoughts and conditioning
that got us here /////////////// and we find it so hard to get past them
feeling dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
even though we badly want to be happy

we choose what to feel about a situation
and not the other way round...
...that just doesnt make sense,
how can a situation force you to think
only you force you to think a certain way

If we continue to set our self up
to direct ourselves towards the same
dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
then we will continue to feel
dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
over and over again
a creature of habit

Feeling bad is the result of thought patterns
the result of our conditioning
of weak thinking
the habitual way we take ourselfs down

Believing we cant change things so we feel ANGRY


Expecting things to be a certain way
and having to compromise ones expectaion
needing to or wanting to work in with other peoples wants
DISSAPOINTMENT follows such thinking


Things havent happened quick enough and were FRUSTRATED


So stuck in a viscous cycle of negative thinking
SAD because of this

When we take notice of our conditioning
of our patterns of thinking
and become aware that we have created how we feel
that all the little things escalated into a big mess of emotion

When we understand that we have the ability to change this
we are at the beginning of great change
to being able to think in ways that benefit and lead
where you choose to go

"When he begins to reflect upon his condition, and to search diligently for the Law upon which his being is established,
he then becomes the wise master, directing his energies with intelligence, and fashioning his thoughts to fruitful issues. "

feeling dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
is just a habit

feeling dissapointed, angry, frustrated, sad
then take note of what you have been thinking to get there
and choose to think differently; choose to be happy
direct your thoughts towards things that make you feel good

All that crap that we re-feed our self is.. ..just crap!
it is a waste of your time
It is your time, use it on things you really want to be doing

I promise :-)

(no subject)
If you know who i can contact to get street dogs of Charik neutered? Animal NGO Punjab may be able to help but it may take more than one group to get the job done!

HERES WHY...the situation for street Dogs varies depending on the dog. If the dog looks ok and friendly, they can be treated fairly well, given scraps, even given a name, though they are rarely invited into the home; st
ill roam the neighborhood, sleeping outside, begging for food, still stopped away, kicked or hit. But this is a rare few of the large number of Dogs here that will get this "good" treatment.

Most villagers say, the dog may look cute but are dangerous and dirty and probably have rabies; especially since the recent news of an outbreak. They mostly dislike or even fear them. The dogs are typically thin, hungry, and have flea bites all over them. Often kicked, hit or stoned if they come too near or show teeth. 

I have seen many Dogs hit hard with a stick simply because the Dog was in the pathway of the person, some were just peacefully sleeping, the others just walking and sniffing the ground. I have photos of Dogs that lie panting and bleeding from a severe beating; ears half off, noses split, gashes in the legs, splits in their backs.

I have been watching and hearing a male dog in heat pursue a female. It has been 2 nites and 3 days of relentless attempts by the male to mount the female. She snarls, snaps and lurches her open jaws at the male, still he pursues. He is waiting for her to tire. She will probably end up with an unwanted litter. More dogs to come to each home seeking food and probably be scared away. More dogs becoming desperate for food and attention. More dogs competing with each other. In this situation, the tougher dog will fight to the death to assure they get better access to food. And the villagers will become more annoyed at Dogs in their way and asking for food.
The feelings of a dog and reasons behind a dogs aggression are not considered. Poisoning, shooting, electrocution, drowning, starvation and other cruel methods have been used to "dispose" of an excessive amount of dogs. These do not provide long-term solutions and probably increase the Dogs hostility towards humans.

Some of the wealthy homes have watchdogs. They get a dog as a puppy, attach a short thick chain around its throat, and mostly keep it in a cage to train it for a whole life in a cage at the front gate. Never to be fed too much nor shown affection to keep the dog "a good fierce watchdog". I found only one dog kept as a beloved part of the family, this dog 'Ruby' was a small breed and she and the buffalo which are tied to a post with a very short chain, playfully nuzzled each other. If Ruby went to go out the gate she was hit with hand or stick. 

A home i just visited showed me 2 gorgeous puppies, in a small cage. I asked for them to be let out. I played with them and was cautioned to not put my fingers near the mouth as they would bite me. So, i put forth both pointers and let the people watch as the puppies suckled my finger and chewed on my hand in play. A mother dog wandered into the yard, her teets huge and belly hanging almost to the ground, gashes on her legs. The puppies ran to her and took a teet each. This was their mother, previously owned since a puppy by these people. This mother dog had been shooed out into the street after giving birth and allowed in the courtyard only to give milk and then hit with a stick to go back into the street.

MY EXPERIENCE with these dogs is that they are very timid, wanting to come even just for pats and no food..they give intial small snarls showing teeth although in a head down body down submissive pose. Once they are sure they are safe, the head goes up, tail goes up and nuzzles are welcomed!


Getting To Know YOU...

talking matters

This is all about communication

Whether we are good or not so good at it
we are always communicating messages
verbally and non verbally

Letting people know who you are

its that talking about yourself thing
that most of us hate to do

we dont want to appear full of ourself
cos really were not
we dont want others to think we cant see beyond our self
cos we can

We've been conditioned to be humble
not to over present ourself
. . .the other person might not like us if we did

talk less about our self
ask questions of the oher person More
because were more likely to invite friendship that way

even tho this can be percieved as prying
can make the other person uncomfortable
It will generally be interpreted as genuine
a clear message
'showing interest'
to want to know the person
is to say we like you


You see,
we are communicating all the time

what we say
what we dont say
what ww do
what we don't do

We may as well let people know about us
help them understand us

Otherwise, make their own assumption

Communicate thoughts

...we need to sum the other person up

to assess potential risk
it is a part of our survival mechanism
decide how to proceed

in friendship or not

Decisions are nade
right or wrong

we are assessed 
thru someone elses understanding of us
about who we (seem to be) are
based on the limited information from you

too often i witness people say
"that person has the wrong idea of me"
:they dont get me"
"i have been taken the wrong way"
""I'm not like that at all"


we all see it the way we see it
and it isn't always the way it is

communication needs to work in your favour
the information your choosing to share with others
needs to be received by others 
so that your message is completely delivered


to be on the same page

Same page

small talk and facts are just ice breakers

when you share your beliefs and passions
your letting people know about you
giving them an insight to your world

different but same

it is the best way
to end up with the right people for you!

Copyright ArtOfExpression TM


(no subject)
"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."

- Joseph Chilton Pearce, is an American author of a number of books on child development.

RIP (the rape and murder of) Jill Meagher....


the dissappearance
the rape
the death
The recent incidence

here in Melbourne it feels safe
and it mostly is

but this women's murder
it has tapped the fear in people
people are saying it has unnerved them

when we hear the news
we are used to accidents
and talk about scams and taxes
but not murder so close to home

...it is shocking.

the thing that gets to us

The most that people are capable of
what they are willing to inflict
doing to themselves and otheres
is in direct relation
to their copping skills
getting a handle on pressure
it is something we learn

when life gets to us
becomes toooo much
it needs to be let out
it needs to be released
it needs to be expressed
to feel there is a reason to go on

to be able to find a solution
it needs to be expressed
This is how humans are


Feelings of overwhelming pressure
can push a person to do things
that they might not otherwise do

calm people can turn
to rage and violence
later regretting
guilt from and fearing
what they said or did
just like the child  
afraid of loosing love
to keep the parents love
lies and pretence
hiding the evidence
of mistakes made

Children lie a lot to save face
and i see that most adults still do


can youimagine 
a child that cant seem to do anything right
a child that feels love slipping away from them
that same child having been sexually abused
Becoming an Adult but never quite capable of growing up
keeping up appearances of being normal and happy
but inside feeling bound to re-visit nightmarish places
causing internal resistance and withdrawing from the world

Self-destructive talk and overanalysing people responses
creates a very distorted view
a world of misunderstandings
(pain) bound by painful interpretations and experiences
the natural duality of the mind, much more pronounced
split, divided, pulled in opposing directions

Seeking value, significance, a connection, love
desperation to receive
the pressure inside
from the (perceived) judgement
the unworthiness
as though being stoned to death
more stones and more stones thrown each time
It is hard to get close to anyone, no one seeming to want to get close to you

'You Must Love Me...or i will die'

           this is how it is for many perpetrators
           seeking love

'If You Wont Give It To Me...i will take what i am owed'


We can literally go insane from the pressure we place on ourself
                      when the world doesn't do what we want or expect

...a rapist does not want to get caught
and 'might' kill the victim to prevent being caught
was how it was explained to me
about the recent rape-murder
here in Melbourne

What a waste
...of both lives!

Rest in Peace

Fundamentaly the same

Copyright ArtOfExpression 

I would love to hear your thoughts!
Here or just quietly to ArtOfExpression@live.com

A Collection of Events and Only One Choice
I see beggars asking for money
they are asking for someone elses money
almost as if they are owed it
because "you" have money
because they are homless

i have heard beggars yell after someone
"Stuck up bitch" "You're not better than me"
because someone told the begger (nicely)
sorry i cant... i work really hard for my money


it's not always the case

i have seen humble beggars too
they slink backwards
"its ok, it's ok, sorry, so sorry for asking"
"Thank You, thank you so much.. Really, Thank You"

i work in a community emergency crisis centre
where food vouchers and tram tickets
and directions to FREE services are provided
to homless people and people living in poverty

Over the last 7 years, every month
the same people walk through the door
they all say the exact same thing each time
"I need help" and "You need to give me..."

And if we run out of (the quota of) metcards
if they are offered just one, instead of two, food vouchers
based on their circumstance and requirements
they have a lot to say about being owed
you have it so "you should give it to me BECAUSE..."

"i cant do this on my own"
"its not my fault i'm in this situation"
"It's the governments fault..."
"It's rich people like them..."

Self-pity gets a good hold on us
all of us has enteratained it at some point


Life happens and we get hurt
and dissappointed along the way

accumulated pain...
can make us feel and act like A Victim
creates an addiction to the soothingness of it
to the attention that that pain brings
to anything that creates further pain in an 'available' form
anger, destructiveness, hatred, grief, emotional drama, violence, and illness
which then affirms our belief
adds to our definition of ourself

I Am Having a Shit Life..Therefore I Am shit

this becomes an identity
the "I cant" "If only.."
continually giving you more definition

“If it's never our fault, we can't take responsibility for it. If we can't take responsibility for it, we'll always be its victim.”
Richard Bach

feeling deserving and owed are completely different

feeling owed is destructive
it destroys enthusiasim and opportunity
it holds you down
even though all you want is out

feeling stuck

A Slave to Victimhood


You and I are always attracting what we are giving out

have you heard the saying
the poor get poorer and the rich get richer
...it is a state of mind
Victim mentality and Success mentality

we all have been hurt and let down  thoughout our life
and we carry around and feel all that pain by default
allowing and inviting drama after drama
playing out similiar situations
talking about the bad things that happen "to us"
complaining when things arn't the way we wish them to be
until we wake up and choose otherwise

Victim thinking is when
you feel you lack or have no control
you cant see a solution
so you feel robbed of opportunities
you cant feel responsible
wont take responsibility
when your actions are reactive
self-defeating resistant attitude
stubbornly attesting to helplessness
thinking its always the others fault,
dumping blame on others
based on passive-agressive feelings
seek out help but hurt the helper
deriving gratification from being dominated.
or inviting the experience some form of abuse
feelings of self-pity
entertaining that self-pity
incapable of looking for solutions
immobilised by the reasoning your life sucks.
getting a sense of identity from being a victim
feeling like a 'somebody' because of it

the world, our (perception of the) world
who we are being
will only change when we change our perception (of it)
think less than, and you will remain less than

we move in the direction of our thinking
we take action based on our beliefs
we can not move forward unless we believe we deserve to
and what we think is by our own choosing

CHOOSE to live in happiness and self responsibility
and that glimmer of hope you hold will expand
becoming a platform from which to see more hope
from where you can put your focus more and more on the direction you want to pursue

…Always Choose the Better Thoughts, the Happier Feelings

“Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the nonpharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.” John Gardener

Copyright ArtOfExpression TM

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Tired Of Feeling Less Than...A Negative Pattern Begins
Tired of Feeling Worthless

It isn't that your worthless
it's that your feeling fucked up
because you lack self-trust
and have been conditioned by life
i must "be better" "do better"
and faking being better wont help
except to help you to feel less than

Self-Pity is An Optional Thought

entertaining self-pitying thoughts
of being less-than, of worthlessness
the feeling ...un-worthy of Love
takes you into a type of depression
Sadness and Fearfulness

A Negative Pattern Begins

when the depression takes hold and tires you out
and when you get over feeling weak or pathetic
it then changes into an emotion with more control
Frustration and Anger

because we need to make a stand
against the feelings of worthlesness

to stop the helplessness
to make a statement
of worthiness
we lash out at others

Something like this...
Its not me that's fucked up!
it's all of you!
If it wasn't for you, i'd be fine!

Anger becomes the defining expression of worthlessnes


When You are Grateful
Fear of Worthlesness Subsides

to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for
gratitude helps us to know where we are headed
the more we feel that gratitude
the greater trust we have in the journey

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